Middle Tennessee Anime Convention Info 2015

I’ve been busy drawing new prints and stuff for this year’s MTAC, so I haven’t really been lurking around the internet much…well, at least not on social media. I did have to look up references, you know. xP

The con is only a little over a week away, and since we finally got our table layout for the Artist Alley, I can share that with you!

This year, the con is back in Nashville and this time it’s in two separate hotels, which I’ve heard is a challenging feat to pull off. :/ Since the hotels are close to each other, it shouldn’t be too difficult, though. And hopefully with programming labeled clearly as to which hotel it takes place in, that will help. (They are also providing a shuttle service.)

mtac hotel map screenshot

As you can see from the map, the AA is located in Nashville Airport Marriott (I don’t know why I left out an ‘r’, but…there you go. Lol)~

MTAC 2015 Artist Alley location


Seeing the layout really makes it real, you know, that I’m in the Artist Alley again ;v; I’m really grateful to be able to return two years in a row, and also that I learned so much last year. I learned both what to do and what not to do, and so I’m praying this year will be even better. ^^ I’ll try not to be so awkward and shy ;v; orz….

I’m selling prints from last year alongside new stuff! Haikyuu!, Free!, Miku, Love Live!, Yu-gi-oh!, Pokemon, and Batman: Arkham Knight can be seen here, but I’ve also sketched characters from various fandoms such as Sailor Moon and Sword Art Online in my larger sketchbook, and I will have those available for sale as well ^^

Please stop by if you can! ♡

*Notice: My online store will be closed until April 6/7 to allow me plenty of time to update it with new products and stock levels. Thank you for your understanding.

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