Daily Routine (for now)

Inspired by other language learning diaries/journals!

At first, I froze up a bit because something in the back of my mind screamed, “This stuff will take up too much of your day! You’ll have no time for anything else!” So I calmly told myself that the majority of the things on the list I already do as a part of my daily routine, and that since I read so fast, going through a section of x, y, and z won’t take me very long at all–and I don’t even necessarily have to take notes unless I really feel compelled to. I still feel apprehensive, but hopefully success will squash the fear!

These things aren’t done in any order; just whenever I feel like doing them (except for WaniKani; I review that multiple times a day):

  1. WaniKani reviews (already doing daily)
  2. Anki reviews (already doing daily)
  3. one section of Nihongo Resources grammar
  4. one section of Tae Kim’s grammar + exercises
  5. one podcast while doing AIS assignment (already doing almost daily)
  6. a few minutes of Shadowing: Let’s Speak Japanese! Beginner-Intermediate, first repeating after the girl, then the guy; alternate between listening and following along with the book (currently done a few days a week)
  7. spend at least 30 minutes reading Japanese (already doing daily, though not in a concentrated effort)

I’ll add TextFugu back in once Koichi pushes out the next big update… Though I think for the moment I’ll skip ahead to Season 8 and go over the time and date stuff since I’ve already made Anki decks for those things and I’ve been reviewing them (also because I really do want to get back to TextFugu lol). I don’t know. Still trying not to freak myself out with the volume of stuff that really isn’t all that much… It’s a matter of dealing with and in Japanese all day, but not feeling as though it’s “taking time away” from other things.

Two more things to include would be the translations I’m doing (again, already doing almost daily! Lol)  as well as writing entries on Lang-8, both of which happen as I feel like it, though the translations happen far more often since I have to put out at least three a week. It’s very good reading practice though! I’ve noticed on several occasions that I understood what I read without even converting it to English in my head first. That’s pretty exciting.  (*≧▽≦)

Maybe Youtube videos with a lot of talking or audio dramas would be good to listen to while drawing. I do need to get more listening practice in, anyway… Anime isn’t really ideal for that because I end up watching the anime instead of drawing. (/ω\)

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