An Empty Inbox! Wait, You Can Do That!?

Today I started out following my Plan pretty well, but still feeling like something was missing. Then, I suddenly remembered the website TSW is how I learned how to use Evernote, and I think I was putting new notes into Evernote when the memory of TSW came to me. So I revisited the website and watched a video or two, and then proceeded to go through my email!

I had never really thought of my email inbox being empty, or how having a full inbox, even with none of the messages unread, can be a source of stress. It was really something, going through all of those emails. @_@ I still have more to do, since I’m sure I missed some in the filing/deletion process. Some I need to reread and figure out what to do with. I haven’t put any of them into Evernote because a) I don’t know how, since I have a Yahoo! email, and b) I don’t really want to. Wouldn’t it take up too much space?

Anyway, it was really interesting looking back through emails from earlier than 2008. I can barely understand the stuff I wrote in emails to my friends. (It was mostly a bunch of nonsense. lol) ^^; I have really changed a lot…and for the better, definitely! I’m grateful. But yeah, seeing those old emails really reminded me of that…and how I don’t need to hang onto those sorts of things, because I can’t go back to the past or anything. It’s enough to have the memories and allow moments of nostalgia, I think. But as for the emails, it’s probably fine to delete them. xP

I deleted or filed away more than 2500 emails, I’m sure. It was up around 4000 and now there’s only around 1500 so YAY. The ones I filed still need to be dealt with, of course, but I’ll likely save that for another day… Or… I don’t know, maybe I should marathon it and get it all dealt with this weekend. ^^;

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