Figuring it out

Another update of how my Japanese learning adventure is going! (`・ω・´)”

I realized yesterday that I’d caught up to my reviews in Anki (or, more specifically, the giant TextFugu decks I’d downloaded) because I had set the number of new cards to be added every day to zero. So…I set it to 10 to see where it goes. So far, it’s giving me 1-3 items and several of their related cards all together. XD For example, it asks me what the reading + meaning is, then (for verbs) if it’s intransitive or transitive, then an English > Japanese recognition question, and then maybe a new item. So maybe I need to increase the level again. ^^;

I also increased the number of new cards on my sentence deck. Since I’m caught up now, it should be easier to handle the new stuff, also because of reviewing with WaniKani. ^o^ My sentence deck is the 8547 Sentence Deck that is available as a shared download on Anki. I haven’t checked to see if it’s still available or not… But yeah. I think Koichi recommended it in his 30 Days ebook. It’s definitely been helpful so far, and I realized that I really do need to make my own personalized sentence deck too. ^^; I guess my only concern is slight mistranslation by me. Maybe I can use corrected sentences from Lang-8 or something! o.o

I’ve slacked off on my grammar learning again too… ^^; (Using this emoji a lot in this post lol) I need to be more aggressive with that! I had some general goals with it and technically I’m still on par, but I need to get back into it now or come December I’ll headdesk.

Good thing is I am doing more reading! I’m also rounding up things to read for the Tadoku contest in June, so that’s pretty exciting~

Hm~ I want to write a post about my methods for putting everything together, but the truth is I’m still sort of figuring that out myself. I’ve figured out a lot of what works for me, but not completely, which is obvious as I mentioned above that I slacked off on grammar learning and such. Of course, a method does need to be able to adapt and evolve as better ways to do things are discovered, so I’ll just keep doing my best.

At the moment, a lot of my Anki decks are premade, but I do have some that I made myself. One is a general deck made up of various words and phrases with definitions mostly in English but some in Japanese; one deck covers date and time; and one is titled “番号と数える事”, which contains numbers and counters.

I’m finding that now, more than before, the Japanese definitions are more useful in solidifying my understanding of certain vocab, which is both exciting and amusing, because I’m partially like “Yay! I can actually read that definition!” and partially like “Why didn’t I look at that/realize that before?”

I feel like I’m just rambling, and I’m hungry and need to brush my hair…and we need to go to the store, so I guess I’ll stop writing for now lol;; Thanks for reading this weird post.  (´ω`★)

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