Sleepy…but busy…

For the past two days, I’ve been editing my website…s. I’m finally bringing them under one roof with the help of WordPress! See, I’m familiar with WordPress (not the coding, but the blogging) so it’s easier to work with. For example, I don’t have to sign into my FTP to edit it; I can just sign in directly through WordPress, so when I want to add an update, I can add a new post or page, or edit directly.

Of separate websites (as in having their own layout and link system), I had seven. SEVEN. Three of which I didn’t even remember making! I am dissolving (deleting) and absorbing these sites into my “main” site, Yuki-Online, because it is impossible to keep up with seven websites at once in the way in which I have been trying. ;v; I’ll leave some directories and pages parked, so old links to those pages will allow visitors to redirect to the pages’ equivalents in the new site, and I’ll keep some of the layouts because I like them, but the rest of the stuff is getting sorted, assimilated, or deleted!

As it’s basically a huge renovation, there’s stuff everywhere, so I don’t know if anyone would really want to visit it right now. xP But after everything is taken care of and the mess is cleaned up, I really think this will be a website I can be proud of…not to mention how much easier it will be to maintain and update it!

Oh, some of the content will also be moved here, like translations and stuff like that.

Ummmm next thing is that I am sleepy. XD Third thing is that juicing is today, as well as a guitar lesson, and I need to wash the dishes and do my homework. Blehhhh.

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  1. Yep! That’s the way it goes sometimes! It will still be a good day at the end of it. I have a lot to pack in today too!

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