And now it’s time to talk about how my week went!! (Since I totally didn’t post daily like I should have…)

Tuesday – I was supposed to do coding. I DIDN’T. I came up with a fantastic idea for my artbook that I just couldn’t ignore, so I drew most of the day. c: I don’t really feel bad about that, you know. Haha.

Wednesday: I was supposed to finish mixing and upload K~Y’s new single. I DID!!! 😀 Success!! However, as pointed out by a viewer, the quality of the video seems to be a bit poor thanks to Youtube. -A- The audio is fine, though! I’ll try to do future videos with a better quality!!! Sorry!

Thursday (Yesterday): I was supposed to…hm. Oh. OH. I was supposed to make a video for my personal channel. I succeeded partway! I learned the dance and recorded the dance video and a close-up, but I need to record the close-up because I don’t like it. orz I have part of the song recorded because the chorus just doesn’t like me. -A- I will keep trying!!! >A<

Friday (today!): I was supposed to do some mixing, which I did do a bit of, actually. Most of the day I either juiced or was out shopping at Gamestop/Walmart with my mom, Nana, and brother… All we got at Walmart was socks, but we were there for a long time because Mama ran into a woman she works with and there was a conversation, of course. It wasn't a bad thing because lots of good info was exchanged. c: You know, healthy eating and all. I was wearing high heels though…and my feet were hurting… ^^;

Tomorrow I am supposed to write in my China journal! Let's see how well I do with that. c: I also want to draw! Oh! I'll do Skype tomorrow, since I haven't done it in a while. ^^; And maybe a Livestream? Idk. I haven't done one of those lately either.

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