Tadoku and Podcasts!

It looks like it’s going to rain, but it isn’t… o.o?

I’m doing pretty well for Tadoku so far, at least in that I’m reading every day and reading more than just a couple of Tweets per day. The past few days I’ve only recorded an average of three pages per day, since I’m not counting every Tweet or headline that I read (that would be too troublesome XD).

I have noticed that I’m less and less intimated by the Japanese I encounter daily, which makes me happy because what used to happen was I’d see a page of text, get tired instantly, and choose to not read it or to “read it later”–meaning “not read it”–and then wonder why I had trouble reading. ^^;

Along with that, I have been wanting to listen to more spoken Japanese and have been finding various videos on Youtube (I recently looked at Dailymotion too, since a friend mentioned it to me) that feature Hello!Project girls and have, well, a lot of spoken Japanese. I like to find longer videos and either watch them with full attention or have them playing while I’m working on prints. Longer videos are nice because you don’t have to stop working to change or look for a new video.

I’m subscribed to the SS1422 (S/mileage Station) podcast, but I did that directly through the program’s website when it was first announced and I can’t find any other H!P podcast… Oh, I am also subscribed to 佐藤亜美菜 (Sato Amina)’s podcast “この世に小文字はいりません!” because I found it in an earlier podcast search, even though I’m not a fan of AKB48. It’s fun to try to shadow what she says because she talks really fast and has a tongue-twister corner, which is…how do you even do those, Amina!? XD

Hm~ So yeah, I’m actually not worrying too much about my rank in the Tadoku contest because my goal of 175 pages is the first priority! I’m already in at 35-ish pages in the first week, which is already better than my first attempt during the last half-round of Tadoku, so I think I’m doing pretty good so far! Especially considering this month is one in which I have quite a bit to do ><

Oh! So if anyone has some podcast recommendations, let me know~

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