How I Juice (4 Days of Juice in 2 Hours)

I’ve been asked several times how I juice or what recipe I use, so here’s how!

The juicer I use is the Breville. I juice for four days on Mondays and three days on Thursdays.



-25 lb. bag of carrots (one bag is roughly equal to five days’ worth of juice)
-one bag of apples (or eight LARGE apples)
-one large piece of ginger
-two cucumbers
-one bag of kale (or two LARGE bunches)
Young Living Lemon essential oil (or the juice of two lemons)
-Young Living Celery Seed essential oil (or one bunch of celery)
-tomato juice

1. Prepare the carrots by cutting off the tops and bottoms, as well as any undesirable parts such as bruises. DO NOT PEEL, unless you’re peeling off a “bad” part. Dirt is fine; it will get washed off. Set aside the carrots.

2. Wash the cucumbers and apples. You can use a vegetable cleaner; I use another Young Living product called Thieves mixed with water. Often, just rinsing with clean water is fine too, especially since you’ll be cutting off any bad parts later.

3. Now, cut each apple into quarters (four pieces). Cut or peel off any bad spots.

4. Rinse off the ginger to remove the dirt and set aside.

5. Obtain the kale! What I do now (different from in the video) is use a larger container and put the cucumbers, ginger, and apple quarters on one side and then dump out the kale on the other side.

6. Juice the kale and the apples at the same time on the LOW setting. The apples help get more juice out of the kale, I think. It’s also good to start out with because it warms up the juicer and gets it moist. (You may have to empty the pulp catcher once during this, so just empty it into a bag you can take out to compost–or just put it in your trash can.) Evenly distribute among the jars and rinse out the juice container (pitcher).

7. Switch the setting to HIGH and juice the cucumbers and the ginger together. The cucumbers help keep the ginger from getting stuck. Evenly distribute among the jars and rinse out the pitcher. Empty the pulp catcher.

8. Now, if you’re using the Young Living essential oils, put one drop of Lemon and one drop of Celery Seed oil into each jar. If you’re using whole lemons and celery instead, you’ll have to cut the lemons in half and squeeze carefully over a strainer to keep the seeds out, and cut, wash, and juice the celery on the HIGH setting.

9. Evenly distribute the tomato juice among the jars. I do this by counting to three (pretty quickly), but you can use a measuring cup if you prefer.

10. Now, rinse the carrots! I just use my hands, but you can use a vegetable brush or something to help you scrub them clean~ You don’t have to rinse them all at once; you can rinse some of them, then juice, rinse more, juice, etc.

11. Juice on the HIGH setting again. Stop when the juice level reaches the MAX line or just below it (make sure not to count the foam in this equation). Evenly distribute between TWO jars. DO NOT pour the foam in. Rinse the pitcher, empty the pulp catcher, and repeat until all eight jars are filled.

12: Put the lids on the jars securely, using a paper towel to clean off any juice you may have spilled. Shake well and refrigerate.

Don’t worry about getting an exact amount every time you juice. It’s more fun to have it taste slightly different every time, I think. It doesn’t get boring that way. ^o^

NOTE: If texture is a concern, first juice as normal, filling up the jar. Then take the lid off of the pitcher and use a handheld strainer to strain the juice back into the pitcher. Put the pitcher lid back on and pour back into the jar. Now you have smooth juice! ^o^


– Do I have to use [this] in the recipe?

Of course not! You can modify the recipe however you like. It has to be juice you will enjoy drinking, after all. When I juice for myself, I just use carrots, Lemon oil, and Celery Seed oil! Find what blend tastes best to you. ^^

– How is essential oil sufficient for juicing? Isn’t the actual thing better?

It all comes down to your preference! The oils don’t replace the full benefit of the juice, but they are good to supplement your juice. I use them in this recipe because it gives me more time to do other things in my day, and it saves money because we don’t have to buy celery and lemons every week hoping they don’t go bad before we use them. There is zero mess (unless you miss the jar!) and the oil is so concentrated one drop per jar is enough. For more info, click here.
(Warning: Not all brands of essential oil are the same, and not all of them are safe to consume. Young Living essential oils are therapeutic-grade, and many of Young Living’s oils ARE safe to consume–including Lemon and Celery Seed oils.)

– How to freeze

First, it’s important that you don’t fill the jar all the way to the top. The level I have shown in the video is ideal. Shake well and refrigerate for several hours. Then remove, shake well again, and put into the freezer. Make sure the lid is somewhat loose to allow the air to escape as the juice expands during freezing.

What blends of juice do you like best?

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