[AJA] Weeks 1 and 2; Night Before Tadoku/My Bag

Hi, everyone! I didn’t mean to skip a week, but I suddenly got really busy after having an epiphany (coming in another post) and then having to battle a virus on my little brother’s computer most of this week (it’s still not gone, by the way orz).

A status update on my quest is first good–last week, that is–and then poor, as my battle skills were required elsewhere I majorly slacked this week. >< Anyway, in this post I’m going to briefly go over the items in my bag, which coincidentally doubles as a post about Tadoku prep! Enjoy~ ^o^



Generally speaking, I am armed with my laptop and my phone! Oh, and many of these resources I’m currently using (and more!) are listed on my Resources page, which can be found in the sidebar.

I’m using TextFugu, WaniKani, Anki, Denshi Jisho and Yahoo!’s Japanese dictionary, Evernote, Imabi, Tae Kim’s Guide, Youtube, iTunes (podcasts), Lang-8, and various reading “resources” online including Twitter, blogs, and websites.

For Tadoku, I’ll be reading what I have on hand (the text in S/mileage’s first photobook), as well as:

  • N4 and higher articles from ChokoChoko (printed out)
  • Info packets I requested from some manga/anime colleges in Japan
  • blog posts, every day
  • Tweets
  • one book from the Bible, translated into Japanese (PDF)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to right away, but I’d also like to get Pokemon Black 2 in Japanese, along with some Hello!Project-related magazines or books to read. ^^

Japanese Learning Log

This is what I use to record my adventure data, much like a Pokedex. XD It’s just a notebook in Evernote that contains notes and corrections I get on Lang-8. ^^

It occurred to me this week amidst all the chaos that since I seem to have problems consistently studying Japanese grammar, I should set it aside and instead read, listen, and speak (shadow) more. After all, I learned so much of my native language by reading–I’m sure of it. Especially since I read through almost the entire school library in second grade. :3c

On that note, let’s 多読! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

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