Surprise Birthday!

Wow! Yesterday was my birthday…I turned 20. It’s really weird to say that! >_<; But yesterday was definitely a wonderful day filled with surprise after surprise. (^o^)

First, my little brother told me Friday night that he was placing a note for me on top of my clock since he had to go to bed and I was still up. xP So on Saturday morning, November 10th, I got up and took a look!


There were two pieces of paper, one with a note saying where I was to look for the next note, and the other with this adorable drawing of characters from Super Mario Sunshine!! It was soooo adorable and the perfect start to my day. XD


I didn’t quite get the directions though–I guess I overlooked them?–so my brother went into his room to get the next note and the first surprise that I would have found had I followed the directions:


this is the actual cover

it's really pretty

A Limited Collector’s Edition Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Walkthrough book! Oh my goodness, I was seriously so surprised. I totally didn’t expect that at ALL! My jaw dropped. XD But then I had to follow more notes…






It was so cute! I had to unscramble letters and everything~

The first thing I do when I come out in the morning is get a bowl down for my cereal. So, naturally, that is where another gift was hiding.


I did already know about this one, though, because my brother pre-ordered both Black 2 and White 2 and we had to play them in order to get the Legendary Pokemon Genesect. After we got Genesect, we saved the games and turned them off. We were both anticipating my birthday so that we could play them again! XD We didn’t actually get to play until later because of all the other surprises that appeared, but we still got to play, and that was nice. (^^)


cards from my dad

Both of these cards are from my dad. <3

So, after a delicious breakfast of flax pancakes (Mama made them specially for me since I really like them lol), I took a shower and waited with my brother (you've probably figured out by now that his name is Joshua xP) for our guitar lesson at 11:00. Our lessons are usually on Thursdays, but this week we had to move the date, which made the day even more interesting because we got to eat birthday brunch with our instructor, and he wished me a happy birthday… And almost immediately after that, my dad and I left to go looking for a new desk chair.

I prayed before we left for God to lead us to the right chair, and left it at that. I didn't really know what I was looking for, just that we had a budget of $100 to go with and I was going to do my best to not pick out an expensive chair because we were going to come back home afterwards and order a table from Ikea (which would also be a part of the $100). Since I had looked online the day before, I figured that the best place to go would be Office Max. Well, God led us to Staples instead.

We went inside just to see what they had, looked at some chairs, and ultimately decided that none of them really fit "just right"…but then we ended up looking at their tables–only two of them, really. The first was a wooden corner desk (two tables and a corner piece) of a medium-honey color, which I liked, but I told my dad that if I were to get a new table, I would prefer it to be white or black in order to better match my room, even though my room is pretty mismatched anyway. My dad was thinking that a corner desk would be better than the simple table I was wanting to order, which I agreed with, but I was still thinking of price. ><;

Then we looked at a similar desk setup that was right next to the first one, except this one had a frosted glass top and a metal frame. I liked it better, but again the price was higher than what I was really considering. The setup next to that one also had a glass top, but it was clear, so even though the frame was black, I didn't like it as much.

After going back and forth from chairs to desks, my dad went to ask for the manager to check on the price of the desk that I actually liked, because it had two different prices listed for the identical table parts: a sale price and a regular price. It seemed to be taking too long for the manager to come out, and my dad suggested we go ahead and go to OfficeMax, but I didn't want to leave the manager hanging if she came out right after we left! So I decided to text Mama to ask her to measure part of my room to make sure that the desk would fit if we bought it. And in the middle of my text, the manager came. ^^; She said that the correct price was the sale price, and so after me quickly trying to imagine how it would fit in my space…we bought it!

I was super surprised, because I hadn’t even gone in looking to find a desk! At the same time, I was extremely grateful. I almost don’t have words to express it.

So…then we went across the street to Office Depot. My dad tested out the chairs that were either on sale or on clearance, and selected a few that he approved of and thought would provide the most support (he is a physical therapist), and I only really liked one, which was the same one that he liked the best. The bad news? The chair was brown. I was really wanting a black chair. The good news? The chair felt great, looked great, was by a great brand with a great warranty, AND was on clearance for at least half its original price! So…yep, we bought it.

We didn’t spend very long in there, really…it was like… BAM. Chair. Another big surprise.

I looked up at God and I said, “Thank you.”


Um. Well. Yes, the budget was blown. $300-$400, I think? It happened so fast I’ll have to look again. ^^; But, like my dad said, it is for the future as well as now. He was thinking ahead, while I was looking more so at the present. This might end up being my Christmas gift too, but that’s fine, because I really wasn’t expecting it at all. It was so much more than the little bit I was expecting, and so I was really blown away.

After that amazingness, we came home to Mama baking my cake, and then Josh and I played Pokemon for a while. When it was nearing time for dinner, the doorbell rang and Grandmother entered. She brought her delicious cornbread muffins and a card for me. <3

AND THEN the doorbell rang again a bit later. In came MICHAEL (she went to China with me last year, remember?). which was another surprise that I somehow kinda expected…? I don’t know… I just knew somehow. XD But then, she flashed THIS before my eyes:

Yuugi! 可愛すぎるよ


Her skillsssssss. ;v;

And…she knows how much I like YGO!. XD

And I just remembered I didn’t take any pictures of the food we ate for my amazing birthday dinner. oAo Or the pie!

Um…oh well. We had dinner after the sudden appearance of Michael and her gift. It was two kinds of salmon (one pre-seasoned and one where Mama seasoned it herself), fresh asparagus with Mediterranean dipping oil, couscous, peas, corn, carrots, cod, cornbread muffins from Grandmother, a bowl of fruit from Michael, mushrooms, an entirely raw fudge pie, and a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.


(I’ll add the link to the recipe for the pie later.)

Everything was sooo good!

When we were done eating and making table talk (lol), I made mention of the fact that I still felt like there was one surprise left that hadn’t come yet. I didn’t know why, and I didn’t know what it would be, but I just felt that the surprises weren’t over with yet.

It turns out I was right! Michael ran back outside to her car to get another thing she had forgotten to bring in.

so cute!!!

The panda hat I saw in Wal-Mart that I was wanting to go back and get!!!! It’s funny, because Nana was going to get it for me but hadn’t had the chance to go out and get it. It ended up working out, because Michael got it. Lol!

Dang. All these surprises. I’m one super-happy girl. Super-blessed girl, that’s for sure! God definitely gets the glory for everything.

The day finished out with dancing “Happy Synthesizer” with my mom, which was hilarious because she’d forgotten most of the dance, and I was confused and laughing half the time. XD Michael insisted she didn’t know the difference between the correct dance choreography and the blunders we were making, but I’m sure it still looked pretty comical.

Josh also had his usual sparring match (he does it every time she comes over, no matter what I do *sigh*) with Michael, who is a brown belt in karate, during which this time he actually knocked her on the ground at one point because she was trying to pick him up and she usually doesn’t do that. XD Other than that, Josh pretty much got schooled. But that’s good, though. He learns something every time, including the appropriate attitude to have during and after matches…the difference between truly being cool–someone honored and respected–and being stupid (i.e. calling the other person bad things and screaming like a cow).

Oh! I also got some lovely birthday messages via text and phone call, as well as Twitter, deviantART, and email. I even got a really pretty e-card! It’s like a Chinese garden~ As far as gifts go, I also got some money from Grandmother and an iTunes gift card from my ex-stepdad. c: Thank you, everyone!!!! ;v;


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