Voting Day


Last election, I didn’t pay too much attention to what was going on in the world of politics. I just figured that the presidency would change hands however it did, and that each new president would fix the misdoings of the former. I figured that everything would eventually work out in the end, no matter what happened. But then I started paying attention. I started seeing problems I hadn’t realized were there before. Then, I started seeing things go downhill quickly. I realized that there are deep, deep, self-inflicted wounds in America, and that it will take an act of the Almighty God to heal them.

It’s 12:03 AM here, so it’s now November 7th. Huh. Only three days away until my birthday. ovo Anyway… Despite the pain, we who are first children of God and then citizens of America must stand together in active prayer (that means praying and acting) to facilitate the positive change this country so badly needs. No matter what the election results are, God is in control and will win in the end. But it is still up to us to choose our leaders, and that is why I sincerely hope that America voted honestly and wisely today. That’s what I’ve been praying for all day.

Now I’m praying that any fraudulent votes that might have sneaked their way in are tossed out as null and void. I’m praying for the leaders currently in office, and for those who will take their place.

And I’m praying that I’ll have the passion and motivation to draw a lot more tomorrow than I did today. ^^;

Today’s NaNoWriMo count: 0

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