Scarf Revelation!

I have discovered something. Scarves actually are useful. For some reason I used to think that they were mostly just decorative, just accessories, and that the real warmth in one’s winter outfit came from the coat. I used to see people wearing clothes that don’t seem all that warm to me and dismiss their scarves, thinking that there was no way they could be warm without a big, puffy jacket and lots of layers. But I now realize and admit that I was wrong!

I decided on a whim to wear a scarf with my hoodie while walking yesterday, and I was very surprised at how much warmer I felt even before I began the fast-paced “training” walk. Today, I did the same thing when going out, and again I was surprised at the warmth. Those things really do make a difference!

I knew gloves were good for keeping your hands warm. I knew that hats were good for keeping your head warm. Now I know that scarves are good for keeping a lot of you warm. XD They block the chill from coming into your jacket through the neck/collar area and somehow protect your core a little more from the cold than if you were to only wear a zipped/buttoned-up jacket.

Everyone, make sure you have a scarf for the winter! >v</

(We were away most of the day on appointments with our naturepath doctor, so NaNoWriMo count is still at 0 for today.)

Today’s NaNoWriMo count: 0

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  1. Yay scarves! They really are amazing things to have. I have maybe 16 myself! They are basically inexpensive and easy to give as gifts. You can buy them or put a little extra love in them and make them yourself! Happy scarf-ing!! (not eating voraciously)

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