Train of Thought

Yesterday, I watched a Youtube video on packing that I hadn’t seen before. I listened to part of it because I was drawing, but I would pause to watch every now and then. It was inspiring, and it got me thinking about the packing plans I have for going to Japan. I have thought many times about this, but I pondered it again, this time remembering a black and ice blue rolling backpack that I had sitting on the floor of my closet.  I then realized that I didn’t even know most of what I had stuffed in that backpack when I put it there. O.o So I decided to find out!

Aside from the porcelain doll (great place for a porcelain doll to be, I know) and some American Girl doll stuff (my doll Kit Kittredge is propped up in a corner by an electric guitar and an old computer tower, among other random things), I unearthed things from that backpack that I had wondered about before, not knowing where they were or if I had lost them. Most of it was paper, drawings, graded Algebra II homework, and memorabilia. But I also pulled out a rain jacket, a belt, a brand-new pair of knee-high socks still packaged, and boxes containing hair clips, bobby pins, barrettes, hair bands, jewelry, and loose change, among other things. I even found stuff I was sure I’d lost. XD It’s amazing what you can find if you just go through stuff you haven’t gone through in a while!

I threw a lot of the paper items away, just because I didn’t need them. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the remaining papers; I’ll probably transfer some of them  to Evernote and keep or trash the rest.

Oh, I will do a “packing” post on what I’m taking and how I’m packing it, but that will come later.

I did draw today! I drew a lot, actually. Well, a lot more than I have been lately, so that’s good. x3

Today’s NaNoWriMo count: 0

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