An Inspired Saturday

my new OC guy and an AU version of my OC, Aka

Here’s a sketch I did about two days ago (cropped) of my OC Aka in an AU form headed to the beach, and a random OC guy I came up with while dozing off. I might just use the design for an existing male OC I have… Anyway, I like this design. It’s simple, yet attractive. (Yes?) Watermark is there because it can be. xP

This Saturday was a very interesting one…a very different one, really. It began with my brother leaving a day early (today) to go back to his dad’s so they can leave for a Gulf Shores vacation tomorrow (Sunday). It was strange not having him here. o__o

I did some TextFugu homework while watching/listening to videos of people preparing to go to Japan and giving tours of their Japanese apartments and such, and all of this propelled me into my own trip planning again. I returned to my packing list and added some more items I realized I would need to bring. I talked to my mom again about the luggage allowance and accommodations and such things. (I hope I’m not being annoying with it. XD It comes in spurts and then I go back to just drawing and learning more Japanese. xP And writing fanfiction! I want to do that lately…) But I want to stay focused, you know? “Eyes on the prize.” I mean, I could chip away at all of the edges of this project/goal, or I could have laser-like focus and zap all the way through.

I say “project/goal” because it encompasses two things: a project and a goal. The project is my artbook/fanbook and the goal is going to GenkiJACS to learn more Japanese and experience Japan like I got to experience China. The problem is that there are many things I want to do, and I feel like I’m neglecting one thing (or several things) if I focus all my attention on another thing, unless I have an absolute goal and deadline like I did with K~Y’s first cover album. I spend a week and a half focusing almost entirely on getting that done. And you know what? I did it.

But I’m not sure if that’s the best way to do these things I want to do…is it?

Still, I feel inspired. I feel that I am going in the right direction and that things are lining up now where they weren’t before. Now is the time for me to go to bed, though. XD I’m extremely tired!

I’ll mention this first, though: I want to do some vlogs before I go to Japan and while I’m there. I think it will be a good way to document everything and share it at the same time~

Oh! We went to the pool today too. That was fun. The water was very warm, unlike the last time we went. *shiver* After that we had dinner at Grandmother’s house again. It was leftovers, but she made salmon patties for something new. It was even better than last night’s dinner!

Okay, good night for real now. xP

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