My mom keeps getting catalogs, letters, and cardstock cards in the mail about discounted courses from the company we bought my homeschooling courses from. I like the company and their courses, but we haven’t bought anything from them lately, and when we that, the company starts sending us catalog after catalog with various discounts and promotional codes… (By the way, I keep wanting to spell catalog as “catalogue” but my PC spellchecker says it’s wrong…is that true or am I merely using British English?)

It’s gotten to where they send us something almost every day–or at least that’s what it seems like. It seems they don’t understand that we cannot buy anything from them at this time. *facepalm* We might have to write them a letter/email/something to tell them to lay off for a while and SAVE PAPER.

…I checked my Mac dictionary and it says both spellings of catalog/catalogue are correct. *sticks tongue out at PC*

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