Inspired by Family and…Zukki?

Today I felt rather down after forty minutes of singing practice. My voice wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do, and rather than getting warmed up and sounding better, it was just making my throat hurt. I sent two quick tweets about it and let it alone for the moment, beginning to write a rant-ish type of blog post instead.

As I was writing, my mom and brother returned home, and when my mom came into my room, I proceeded to tell her my feelings.

Well, she proceeded to put some essential oils on me and then she read to me the blog post that I wrote yesterday. She told me that I wrote those words for myself–which I did, for encouragement–and that I already knew it and had it inside myself.

This was brought up again in another way at dinner tonight, and as I was refilling my glass with water from Grandmother’s purified water dispenser (the kind you see in offices with the paper cups), a line from a Morning Musume song suddenly came to me:

“Shippai shite kara tsuyoku naru”

The song is “Kaiketsu! Positive A”, the A pronounced ‘ace’, and the Momusu member who sings that like is none other than Suzuki Kanon, who has become one of my favorite members. Her adorable uniqueness and spunky attitude remind me that I can put lots of energy into what I do and be myself too; that even being awkward around people sometimes can be a cute and lovable trait.

But it wasn’t Zukki’s personality that came to mind when that line came back to me…it was the full realization of what the words meant. Sure, I knew it before, but it didn’t really sink in until that moment.

“Make mistakes, and you’ll get stronger” or “If you make mistakes, you’ll get stronger”

That’s so true!

Twice, and perhaps three times today (thanks to Zukki’s line) I was reminded that there is no such thing as failure, other than the failure to try, and that by using each experience as a stepping stone, I can keep moving forwards rather than breaking down.


“Kaiketsu! Positive A” Lyrics on Project!Hello
Yes, Reina also gets that line as well. It’s just that when I remember the line in my mind, it’s Zukki’s that I think of. xP
(Also, I’m writing this on my Windows PC, so I can’t guarantee the quality of the S-JIS characters in this post since I’m using a Firefox add-on to type them.)

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