What is this? January 17th already?! And after I’d I just welcomed the new year, too! Each day goes by slowly, but after a week or two it seems it’s all just flown by.

It just started raining.

That brings me to the next point, actually. Our kitchen floor was supposed to be redone with tile last week. However, due to the fact that there was another layer of linoleum and plywood (and black mold) it took a few extra days. Last week the backerboard stuff did get put down and our stove was hooked up again so we could use it over the weekend, so that was nice. Most of the black mold was on the second layer of linoleum, so it was pulled up and taken away. What was left got eradicated with Thieves household cleaner (essential oil). So no worries there.
Today tile was supposed to go down. But now the weather decides it does not like that idea and whips up wind and rain. Well, FINE.

I’m okay with it, actually. I get to have hot soup for lunch instead of cold soup. SCORE.

In preparation for the days we thought we wouldn’t be able to use the kitchen, we juiced for four days on Sunday night. Because not all of it would fit in our refrigerator, we put most of it in the freezer we have in the garage. That worked well; last night I retrieved the juice for today and put it in the fridge to thaw. So I tried to do the same this morning, except I dropped one. The jars being made of glass, this was a bad thing. The jar didn’t shatter, but some of the bottom was knocked off and I was tiptoeing around bits of glass with two other jars in my very frozen hands to get back up the steps and inside the house.

My mom took care of the jar, cleaning the bottom so it would be free of glass pieces, and put it in a container…which went back in the freezer. The idea is that we’ll let it melt and fill up the container, and then transfer it to a new jar. Good thing that liquid was frozen!! Been thanking God for that several times over. *relief*


Ooh, and I’ve gotten pretty far on Pokemon White. I have my fifth gym badge and right now I’m in Chargestone Cave. N is so amusing. XD He really does take you up on the ferris wheel in Nimbasa City and tell you he’s the leader of the people you’re fighting against. It’s like “Haha. I shall tell you this in a car atop a wheel high in the air so you cannot escape me and then I’ll expect you to go along with my plan just because I decided you’re interesting.” What? XD Um, police? XD

N aside, the other characters are pretty interesting too. At first Biana was annoying but now it’s Cheren who is annoying. He talks like Sasuke. *punch* Makes me wish you could actually communicate with the NPCs. I’d tell some people off. XD Oh well. Their fate is already programmed anyway.

…And now I’m in Mistralton City.

Well, I’m going to take a shower and then draw some more today! I really like how all of these pictures are coming along~

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