Happy New Year!

…Five days late, but oh well. It’s still the first week, so.. |D

My first picture of the new year is actually a sketch of Noa, because I was watching his arc in YGO! while drawing. XD

I suppose the main reason I haven’t posted is that I’ve been busy drawing. I have some things that are almost ready to be posted, including a quick doodle of Kaiba that I could color if his duel disk would cooperate with me. -A- I also have things done, almost done, or in the works that I can’t or won’t upload for a while after my artbook is released. In other words, some art will remain exclusive to the artbook until a week or so after preorders are shipped out, so that preorderers get to see all of it first. x3

My finger is healing well; I can straighten it out and make a fist with it in normal position. The fist isn’t very tight, but it’s tighter than the one I could make a week ago, so to me that means progress! I’ve been exercising it and squeezing stress balls, and I’ve been putting essential oils on it too. ^^

I’m really excited for this new year and all the progress that I, and KIRAKIRA, and my family will make!

Speaking of that, we’re going to have actual floors again! The kitchen is getting tile and the dining room (which has carpet right now) is getting hardwood! This weekend we have to move everything from the kitchen, like the refrigerator, into the dining room…and after a certain amount of time we’ll move it back, and then move everything from the dining room into the living room. |D It’s definitely going to be interesting. We still need to juice while all of this is taking place, too! XD

…I got up early today in order to wake my brother up so he could get ready for school, and instead of going back to bed, I stayed up. At first it was fine and a good thing, but now I’m getting sleepy…
I must juice for three days today too…and I think I need to prepare everything by myself as well. *sigh* It shall be a feat. Luckily, when we juice for three days again this weekend, my mom will be able to help me.

I have to get up early tomorrow and go to work with my mom too…because we have hair appointments. Yay for getting a trim!

…Hmm. Boring post is boring. It needs a picture.

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