I had to go to Grandmother’s house to juice today because the tile in the kitchen was being grouted. All of the vegetables were already prepared, and I put them in paper bags with handles, along with other things I would need.

Grandmother picked me up and we unloaded the things at her house. She had already cleared off the counters by the sink and the sink was clean and empty~ But as I began to put the juicer together, I realized I was missing something very important: the pulp container. So Grandmother very kindly took me back to my house to pick it up. As I was leaving, the notion came to mind “Are you sure you have everything?” “Yes,” I told myself. So we went back to Grandmother’s house and I continued unpacking everything I would need.

I realized I had forgotten the jars I was supposed to put the juice in! D: Luckily, I had two jars with me; one with a bit of apple juice and one with a bit of tomato juice. I asked Grandmother for another container or two with lids and I found one Tupperware-like container that I used for Mama’s juice. The two other jars I used for my dad’s juice…and Grandmother scalded some glass jars she had so that I could use them. I chose two pint-sized jars that fit the Reboot blend perfectly–eight ounces each.

Then I juiced successfully! With an apron.

After that, she took me home and helped me unload…she looked at our WIP kitchen floor and said she liked it (so do I; it’s really very nice ^^). After she left I went about putting things away and transferring the juice into the jars it was supposed to be in… First I switched Mama’s. I spilled some, but I was in the bathroom, so it wasn’t a problem. I washed the plastic container out with Thieves hand soap because it had obtained a ring of orange, and then went to exchange the first of my dad’s jars. All was well and good until I went back to the dining room (makeshift kitchen for now, lol), twisted the lid on, and shook it. SPLASH.

Red-orange juice splattered on my shirt, the table, the garbage can, and the carpet. D:

More Thieves cleaner took some of it up… It really is a good thing that we are replacing that carpet!!

SO MESSY TODAY. ;A; WHYYYY?!?! Spilled stuff on the counter at Grandmother’s too… My goodness. XD;

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