6 Days Til Christmas (Days 13 and 12)

I’m sure this would be a lot more magical and effective if I had actually blogged once per day as opposed to grouping the topics together.

13. Cheer (Christmas spirit)
I wonder what it entails… What creates it? How does one get into the Christmas spirit and then share it with others? Is it just a feeling or a legitimate sense of the season?

This year, it hasn’t really felt like Christmas, and I’m not quite sure why. It’s only snowed once (and that didn’t stick around), so perhaps I’m not quite feeling the Winter Wonderland. We didn’t put up an ‘actual’ Christmas tree (just a lighted spiral tree) because we don’t have room for it right now, so maybe I’m not realizing how close Christmas Day is.

Whatever the reason, I’m positive I will be in the Christmas spirit more this week and of course on Christmas Day, because I’m drawing presents for, like…everyone alive. ;u;

Christmas spirit itself seems to me to be the feeling of mutual joy and affection, where you just want to be nice to people and spread those feelings to them, whether by word or action, and to give a lot more than you normally could (or would). Even just saying “Merry Christmas” is a very important part of it! ^^ Get into the Christmas spirit and experience the warmth of the days, giving what you can to even those who can’t give back to you, and then make a New Year’s Promise to be that way more often next year. I think that would be a great thing to do. 🙂

12. Plays
I’ve always liked watching and being in Christmas plays. Our church would always have a children’s Christmas play, and there would also be a cantata for the choir, and occasionally a teen program too. I was in the cantata only once, and the teen one twice (I think), but I was in several children’s Christmas plays.

I often played somewhat odd roles; like once I was a shepherd. ^^; Another time, they changed the name of my character so I would be playing a girl instead of a boy. I played the role of an adult, but then someone else sang my character’s solo song. ^^; In my last children’s Christmas play, I not only played an adult as one of the main roles, but I sang her solo song and ended up with a horrid Southern accent. (That was the worst Christmas play ever–it was meant to be a summer play so we were all in shorts and overalls and other summer clothes. I only had that role as camp leader because I was the tallest.)

Children’s plays are always very interesting, though. I think they get people to see things in a new light. When something comes from a little kid, words aren’t minced; they say it like it is and I think adults need to hear things like that from time to time…don’t you?

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