Merry Christmas!!!!

And I obviously abandoned the countdown to Christmas;;;
It’s okay. The day itself is more important. ^^

Firstly…here is the present I made for my brother:

And secondly…here’s what I got:
Yuki's Christmas presents

From right to left:
MTSU hoodie and long-sleeved shirt from Grandmother
Yu-gi-oh! cards and Pokemon White from my brother (and ex-stepdad)
$100 from Grandmother
Kung Fu Panda box set (Just finished watching Kung Fu Panda 2…it’s soooooo good! XD)
iTunes gift card from Grandmother, I think
Chocolate from my parents
Copic marker containers!!
Copic markers!
Batteries and protective goggles for the not-pictured Nerf gun (my brother got a matching set plus extra darts because we are apparently supposed to battle each other lol)
Yu-gi-oh! R vol. 2 from my brother (he says he got the other ones too except for volume 1)
Larger marker paper (I consider it poster-size; I actually used it to do my brother’s Christmas gift)
Annnnnd….S/mileage’s photobook!!!

I also got $25 from Nana ;u; and my brother drew some pictures for me (T v T)

Oh. And I got an iPhone…last week? Yeah. XD; The iPhone 4S. Yep. I’m amazed.. XD; My mom got the iPhone 4, despite being nervous about it, and she really likes it! I’m happy for her. Hehe~ There was a bit of a problem with transferring stuff, but it’s something we decided not to worry about…besides, it couldn’t be resolved anyway because they sent off her old phone the very night we exchanged hers. OTL

In other news, we picked out flooring for our kitchen and dining room! The kitchen will have tile and the dining room will have hardwood. It’s going to be nice to have a “real” floor in the kitchen again. (T v T)b

Also, my finger is doing better! I’m doing exercises to regain full motion in it and put strength back in it with stress balls and stuff, although it seems pretty strong to me. ^^; The swelling is going down, too. I’ve been drawing a whole lot and I’m actually using that finger to type again, which is a nice surprise.

Over the weekend my mom made cupcakes.


I made snowmen out of the big ones. 😀

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