9 Days Til Christmas (Days 15 and 14)

Haven’t posted one of these in five days. ^^; I’ve been busy or just away from the computer. Hehe.

21. Gifts
20. Traditions
19. Music
18. SNOW
17. Storage
16. Cards (this posted on the 10th, but it was actually the 9th)
15. Traffic
The other night (Monday, actually) we went to a seminar on the danger to America that comes from within (the threat of Islam), and there was SO MUCH TRAFFIC. I mean, cars EVERYWHERE. It was the same on Saturday too. EVERYONE was out and about. It really amazed me. I mean, it’s always amazing to see so much of one thing in one place, but I guess it’s even more amazing to know that most of them are out doing the same thing: shopping. Christmas shopping. Seeing all of those cars and knowing what the drivers are probably doing, it makes me think “Wow…this is one of the few times a year when so many of us are actually in unison on one thing.”

And I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Some celebrate Hanukkah and some celebrate Kwanzaa…some celebrate Santa Day or Hollyday rather than HolyDay (Holiday), and still others celebrate everything or nothing at all. I’m sure there are even celebrations of holidays around this time that I don’t know of. Of course Canada’s Boxing Day comes after Christmas Day, but.. XD

But in the weeks before Christmas, it seems that there’s such a unison in everyone going out to get gifts and/or decorations… I think that’s why Christmas is so meant to be a ‘togetherness’ holiday. It’s one of those times where it’s easier to be close to people, or perhaps easier to pretend.

14. Shopping
Continuing from the previous topic, really, SHOPPING for Christmas gifts and all sorts of things is something that Christmas has really become known for. Stores post Christmas deals all over the place, and this year Black Friday has even been extended in many stores; Michael’s for one. “Get Black Friday savings every weekend!” they advertise.

Are you the kind of shopper who buys gifts early and waits? Do you put things on layaway? Or do you rush Black Friday? Do you try to get all of your shopping done in the first two weekends of December or wait til the last minute? This year, people are talking about waiting until after Christmas to actually have their celebration so that they can save money on the presents. Will you do that?
We’ve really tried to get our shopping done earlier, but even so, there might still be a few things we need to get. I’m not sure.

I like shopping when there are lots of deals, but I don’t really like the crowds… ^^;

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