AIS #13!

Saturday evening we returned home from vacation to find a stack of mail that Nana had been bringing in all week. On the very top of the stack was a very familiar-looking package–my second new assignment and the results of my thirteenth assignment! (I say “second new” because I already received Lesson 13, and this one was Lesson 14–Review Book #2.)

For the twelfth assignment I had to paint a picture of avocados. It was a little difficult mixing some of the lightest shades because they looked light in my palette but dark on the paper…but more difficult mixing the appropriate shade for the, well, shade indicating the spot where the avocado seed had been. I find that I always end up using more paint than I need just to get colors mixed correctly. orz That is something I still have to work on.

Regardless of wasted paint and frustrations with colors, I got another A! ;v; Even better, the instructor didn’t even include an example on the overlay (where they write tips so they don’t mess up your art). She said “Obviously you don’t need to see a demo! :)”

I’m very happy! TvT

The next lesson is on design, and then there is the second review book, as I mentioned earlier. After that, the first two lessons in section three are on…animals. o____o Uh, well, I’ll do my best…!

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