The Best Vacation (Florida 2013 part 0)

Hey, everyone! It’s been a while.

I’m writing this from vacation in Florida–we are packing up tonight and heading back home tomorrow.

You know…this year’s vacation has really been the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation I’ve had in a long time. “Isn’t that the point of a vacation?” you might ask, but you have to understand where I’m coming from when I say that this particular vacation has been so different.

Usually, I bring my work with me. I plan to get a lot of things done without the usual distractions at home. Even if I don’t, I think about what I have to do, or I try to make a plan of attack for when I return home. Thus the vacation isn’t really a vacation in the sense that I’m not taking a break at all. >< This time it started out the same way. I brought a few things to work on, and planned to write Art August posts and record vlogs. But I forgot to bring arguably the most important thing with me--my sketchbook containing WIP pieces and character designs for my original story. orz I was so disheartened that I pretty much abandoned my plan for the week immediately (I usually don't give up easily at all, so this was a big deal for me, even if it seems a little ridiculous now...) ^^; Even though I had the worst headache of the century that afternoon and evening, and a puffy eye from confused sinuses, and even though I forgot that sketchbook, somehow it wasn't a bad day. Already the vacation was off to a good start. Well, I was determined to make it good after last year's disaster (when I got terribly ill and we had to evacuate due to a hurricane) so I figured I would be kind to myself and it would only get better. You know what? It did. I haven't touched my binder or art supplies. I haven't even listened to my iPod or played my DSi. Instead, I went swimming and bike riding, walked along the beach, and learned and recorded a dance. I've done some translations, watched some YouTube videos, and read stuff too. This down time from "the usual" has been really refreshing, and I've been able to somehow actually enjoy it without worrying about the huge to-do list I previously had set up for myself. And through all of this I have learned something that I think is very important. I am no longer going to try to be someone I am not. Well... While I don't like to end posts abruptly, I'll have to explain more about this later when I'm not falling asleep. XD Good night and I shall talk to you later!

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