Finished AIS Assignment #9!

I actually started on it last night, but then I realized that I hadn’t used the nib pen at all, so the lines were all too thick. (´Д`。) So I started over this morning at around 10 AM, and finished it at around 4 PM (with a break in between)! This makes it the fastest I’ve ever done a lesson. XD I’m actually quite surprised that I did it so quickly… I hope it’s okay. I mean, my family and I think it’s okay… (´・_・`)

Oh! Something funny happened today~

There was a package in the mail from AIS, and naturally we all thought it was my next lesson, right? But I haven’t sent in the ninth assignment, so there’s no way that was possible, since they only send your next lesson when they receive an assignment from you. So…what was it?

Actually, it was another copy of the ninth textbook! XD It turns out they had made a printing mistake and left out four pages. (Which is why I couldn’t find anything in the textbook about what one of the questions in the back was asking!) Lol~

Anyway, I’ll send it in Monday and get started on Lesson 10! I want to get that one done by the end of next week at the latest, because I want to start working on my contest entry!! I haven’t decided yet whether I want to do one panel or an actual comic page… HMM. We’ll see! I want to have fun with this~  (≧∇≦)/

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