May 2


I forgot my umbrella at school on a previous day, so I had to use my blue jean shirt as a makeshift umbrella to keep the raindrops out of my glasses as I quickly made my way to school.

“Many times on this trip, I’ve found myself thankful for my waterproof shoes!!”

Today was the last day of my study at the school, and curiously, the only ones who came to my particular class were myself and another student whose name I can’t remember. (I feel bad because he was cool and I appreciated that he was actually serious about learning Japanese like me.) Our class was basically all about conversation, so it was a good note to end on!

I hadn’t expected a graduation ceremony because it wasn’t Friday, so I hadn’t prepared a speech. So when they called my name, I ended up not saying anything. It was a bit embarrassing, especially since people kept commenting and joking about it, but it’s fine. If I get to go back and study longer, I’ll certainly write a speech!

Kendall later sent me a recording, which I really appreciated because I hadn’t expected it!!

I hung out at the school for a bit to take my time eating and chatting with others, and to charge my devices and use the internet to check travel plans and such.

Finally, I headed out—remembering my umbrella this time—and returned to the hostel to prepare for the big school trip to Iki Island the next day.

It was about this time that I started to feel at home in Fukuoka. The weather seemed appropriate when I thought of the fact that I would have to leave soon.

The text says this metal container is environmentally-friendly. I wonder what’s inside…

Before coming to Japan, I didn’t realize that different types of trains share the tracks. Commuter trains and cargo trains both run on the same rails. It makes sense, but I certainly hadn’t thought about it before because, in my mind, they are separate categories.

I snapped this photo for drawing reference XD But I find it so interesting that Japanese houses typically have the plumbing and such on the outside.

Behold, my organization system! I actually chose not to unpack things fully because I didn’t want to get too attached yet. Also I just don’t unpack suitcases unless I’m staying somewhere for a long time…like three months, which I was about to do in Sendai.

What’s your preference when you travel? Do you unpack everything or leave it in your suitcase?

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