April 27


Miss Day 9? Catch up here.

Today, I finalized plans with Katiya to go to Dazaifu on Monday instead of Kumamoto as originally planned. She figured that because I was doing so much traveling, and my JR Pass would be expired by that time, it might be better to go somewhere more local and she could go to Kumamoto another time by herself.

At Hakata Station, I recharged my Suica and we went to the supermarket again. This time we went to the 100 yen store called meets. above the supermarket first, and wow, that place is impressive for a small store! It even had things I don’t remember seeing at Daiso! Similarly, everything was 100 yen unless the price was listed (such as in the clothing section and on some larger or weightier items).

I picked up some pens and erasers, and Katiya bought a bowl so she could properly eat her cereal without having to always go to one of Sharely Style’s gross kitchens. (Granted, the surfaces are decently clean, but the floors are horribly dirty and all three kitchens smell of either grease or trash.) After picking up what we needed from the supermarket, we headed back to the dorm and called it a day.

I’ve never seen this type of dandelion before, so I snapped a photo of it! It was growing near the corner by Sharely Style.
I didn’t need this plate/tray, BUT I SO WANTED IT.
My meets. 100 yen store haul! 

From left to right:

  • eraser holder “pen” with refill erasers (these are way better than the one I had in the States; they’re thinner and perfect for erasing fine details in artwork!)
  • black eraser that’s supposed to hide smudges… I don’t like it because the eraser dust goes everywhere, unlike the white ones.
  • Sarasa gel pens in much-desired pastel colors <3

3 Replies to “Japan Trip 2018 Day 10: Better Than Daiso?

  1. Haha last time I went to Dazaifu, my friend and I were on our way home to Sharely, when we suddenly realised the train wasn’t stopping at Ijiri at all. So we decided to stay on the train until Dazaifu, because my friend hadn’t been there yet. It was so random, and we were there near closing time, so there was barely anyone there (safe for a family of Chinese tourists on their way home).

    1. Haha what a nice unplanned adventure! I feel like that time of day is actually when you get to see the “real” city, so to speak. Also…I was amazed at how many Chinese tourists were there when we went! I guess I didn’t expect it.

      1. Hehe yeah, they’re everywhere! There’s always loads of them in Canal City as well, stocking up on cheap(?) electronics and clothes…
        Fukuoka is also one of the closest Japanese cities for Chinese people so that kind of explains… 😛

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