Interesting Problem

I’m running into an interesting problem while working on my artbook.

A good chunk of the art is half-done WIP stuff that I started on anywhere from 2011 on, so my drawing time while working on these pages has been significantly slower than usual. ;A; In fact, several pieces are so “bad” (that is, I’ve improved a lot since I first drew it/started drawing it) that I’m having to either severely edit or completely redraw them. :3c

This will make for good “before and after” type shots, but it’s a little tough at the moment, and slightly frustrating not being able to get things done as quickly as I usually can. Nor am I able to work on much of anything else (such as blog posts…). But that’s about what I expected, so I really can’t complain.

Anyway, I will try to have recap posts of both Kentokyocon and AWA up sometime this month! In the meantime, check out Patreon for progress updates on my artbook! ;3

*PSA: Commissions are currently closed; my waitlist is open if you don’t mind waiting several months.

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