My Birthday 2015

Hi everyone! I’ve been super-focused on getting artwork done for my artbook so I haven’t been doing much else, including blogging. Dx I haven’t forgotten about the con recaps and I have lots of reviews I plan to write up as well, but for now I have to devote my time to my artbook so I won’t be actively blogging until January, probably.

That said, my birthday was two days ago on the 10th! I turned 23 oAo

I think as time goes on you expect less on your birthday, but you always still want it to be special. You no longer ask for toys and feel bad asking for big ticket items but you still want something for a present that’s more than just a gift card. I think it’s an interesting transition, marking growth into maturity and, hopefully, growth into being more selfless and not quite so self-centered just because it’s your birthday. (Thousands of other people share your birthdate, after all!)

This year my birthday was rather quiet for much of the day XD I was a little lonely because Nana slept until noon and then had to go to the store to get stuff for a cake (mainly strawberries since we would have eaten them all had we gotten them earlier LOL), and everyone else was at work. I got several kind birthday wishes from friends and acquaintances on and offline, however, and a few wonderful cards ;w; In the evening, I went to spin class with my parents and then they surprised me by taking me to Grandmother’s house for dinner!

I had been expecting dinner at home, so it was quite a surprise XD But I was super happy. Nana brought the cake over and we had a wonderful dinner~

Things I got for my birthday:

-three notebooks (my mom took me to Walmart to pick them out XD)
-bag of cranberry granola *w*
-my mom tried to draw a little picture for me! It’s adorable XD
-Western Digital 2TB My Cloud (refurbished)
-Theo dark chocolate and ginger chocolate bar

Thank you so much!!! <3

P.S. I’m having a birthday sale on my store! Until 11/17 you can get 25% off everything!

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