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Thanks for taking a look at my commissions page!

WILL draw: girls, boys, OCs, and fanart; kemonomimi (characters with animal ears); designs; affection; friendship; character reference sheets [examples pending]

Will NOT draw: hentai–that is, any explicit material (R18), yuri/yaoi/shoujoai/shounenai (same sex pairing), furries, characters using tobacco or drugs, beasts/monsters, or overcomplicated mecha
(So most general requests are probably okay. Please ask if you are unsure about anything!)

Digital Sketch Commissions

My digital sketch commissions are fully colored and typically come with no background.

  • Bust-shot: $10 per character
  • Half-body: $15 per character
  • Full-body: $25 per character

Digital Regular Commissions

My digital regular commissions are fully colored, have clean lines, and come with a free background (white/transparent/simple).

  • Mini chibi: $15 per character (400x400px; no items included; complex designs will be simplified)
  • Chibi: $31 per character (up to 2 items/accessories included for free)
  • Half-body: $25 per character
  • Full-body: $37 per character
Want to upgrade the background? Just ask! (Regular commissions only)
  • Level 1 – Add $15 +
  • Level 2 – Add $30 +
  • Level 3 – Add $45 + (most popular)
  • Level 4 – Add $90 +

Traditional Commissions

These commissions are priced almost exclusively on a per-case basis. I first need to know what you have in mind, and then I can come up with a figure based on the size of paper you want, how many characters/people will be in the drawing and at what size, how complex the illustration will be, the medium you would like me to use (pencil, marker, etc.), and how long I estimate it will take me to finish the illustration.

There will be an additional cost for in order to mail your commission to you, and for packing supplies if needed.

Paper Types and Sizes

Cardstock (various colors): 8.5×11″ (suitable for pencil and pen/ink)
Marker: 9×12″, 11×14″ (a thinner paper made specifically for markers)
Vellum: 5.5×8.5″ (mixed media – works for pencil, ink, marker, watercolor, etc.)
Recycled Bristol: 14×17″ (thicker paper that works well for pencil, ink, and marker)
Bristol: 9×12″ (thicker paper that works well for pencil, ink, and marker)

*Paper can be trimmed to fit specifications at no extra cost.

Mediums I prefer to work in:

  • pencil
  • pen/ink
  • marker
  • colored pencil

Custom Commissions

For anything not listed here!

I have done artwork for websites, T-shirts, business cards, company logos, and more. If you would like to commission me for something other than the general categories I have listed, or wish to get a quote for multiple or complex commission requests, please do not hesitate to contact me. πŸ™‚ I would be happy to discuss your idea with you!

Commissions Terms of Service

The business of art is just as much a business as a retail store or a dentistry is. Just as those businesses have terms, policies, and legal rights, so do I. By commissioning me, you agree to my terms of service.

TL;DR – You can: use as your icon, use on your website, and share using the share buttons on deviantART as long as you provide credit and a link back to me.
You cannot: share or re-upload without crediting me, sell digital or physical copies, claim credit for any part of the artwork, trace, or edit.

  1. Commissioned art is for personal use only. (If it is for commercial work, we can discuss.)
  2. Please do not edit, trace, or claim my artwork and/or designs as your own, and do not sell or redistribute in any way, including but not limited to re-upload, unless I have given you permission.
  3. I reserve the right to share the commissioned art on deviantART and other locations, however, you may ask at any time for sharing to be limited to deviantART only. For commissioned artwork that depicts you (or a friend or family member), I will ask before I upload, because I know not everyone wants their likeness shared online. πŸ™‚
  4. Should I want to publish the commissioned art in an artbook or similar printed material, I will of course check with you for approval first. However, if I cannot contact you and the artwork in question is already in my deviantART gallery, I reserve the right to publish the artwork anyway. (You will get credit if it involves your character or design, and if it is a realistic commission I will not publish personal information except, perhaps, first names.)
  5. Commission process: Please be patient. I have to prioritize based on what is put on my plate, and while commissions will remain at the top of my priority list, sometimes they might have to be put on hold. I keep a list on deviantART that gets updated as I progress with each picture, so if you’re wondering, check there before poking me. Thanks.
  6. Commission process: I cannot give you a refund if I have started on the picture.
  7. Commission process: If, after seeing the finished product, you would like me to make a significant change to it, I will charge you for it. So…please make sure it’s the way you want it when I show you the sketch. πŸ™‚
  8. Commission process: I reserve the right to refuse any commission request. I will not accept a request that does not align with my moral values.

How to Contact?

Leave a comment below or see my contact page for more details.

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