[Site Update] MNI Gone! (Forum Stays)

Hi, everyone! Today saw the deletion of Mahou no Ichigo as a website… *tear* But the forum is staying! http://mahounoichigo.proboards.com

I also deleted a site that was basically in planning stages; it was centered around my music (more on that later). Yuki’s Designs is basically merged now; all that remains of the site is a page stating where the graphics were moved to, and Shattered-Reality is almost ready to be deleted like MNI. Though I do like the site design and the title, so I want to re-use it somehow… Hmmm…

Future updates will include moving the last of the content from Shattered-Reality, further consolidation of existing content and blogs, and adding my own touch to this WordPress theme. xP

It really feels great to clear this backlog… Like, finally cleaning up this tangled mess of websites and streamlining them into one website with a clear function and purpose will really make it easier for me to add new content, update the existing if it needs it, and do things without thinking worriedly about the presentation being flat. In fact, I think once this renovation is completed, it will take a load off of my mind. It’s been sitting on the proverbial back burner for so long that I ended up becoming annoyed with my websites overall!

In hindsight though, I believe that was a good thing. I wasn’t so emotionally attached to the websites anymore, which enabled me to delete them or to assimilate them into my “main” one.

It will be nice to not have to call Yuki-Online my “main” website. It will just be my website…my official website, and my blogs will be my blogs. Ah. Simplicity. 🙂