[Site Update] Minor Updates

Yuki’s Designs and Mahou no Ichigo are almost ready to be deleted! Though I think I’ll keep Yuki’s Designs parked since it’s not a subdomain like MNI is. It still holds actual graphics and the index can serve as a redirect, which is fine. As for MNI, the layout was so broken and the content was so little I don’t know how many visitors actually returned to check for updates… I don’t think it will be missed, really.

In addition to clean up, I added a Site Map and moved the “Memories” info from “About” to the child page “Memories”.

I also copied translations from my Yuki-ON Studios blog to Yuki no Kotoba, so that site is also nearly ready for deletion… I might leave it up for cross-referencing sake, but it isn’t serving any purpose anymore really… ^^;

Well, I am off to brush my teeth now. Good night! ^o^/