Website Renovation Continues…

Happy Sunday! ^o^ It’s getting cold, isn’t it? Dx Last year I looked forward to the cool season; this year I am not! XD

This afternoon and evening after church, I spent time continuing the renovation process of my official website. (It will be nice to call it my official website and really mean it, rather than tending to refer to it as my “main” website because of all the others.) I actually deleted Mahou no Ichigo! No worries about the forum though–it’s staying!

I’m also close to deleting some others, including the blog I imported those recent translations from. There is also an extra forum I need to delete, and after some organizing, designing, and a bit of coding I’ll have just ONE website to deal with! No more being scattered, being spread over multiple original sites for the only purpose of utilizing a layout I like and isolating a couple of topics. No more worrying about a lack of content or unfinished pages or sections. No more stress over the burden of it all! It will be such a relief… I’m putting in the time now, trying to stay relaxed, so that I won’t waste time later with the stress and distraction of multiple WIP sites that will never get the individual attention they deserve!

It is no good to have a website that has a good layout and intention if it is constantly under construction and its content is always partial or sub-par. I grew tired of having page after digital page of emptiness: “Under construction” or “Nothing here yet. Keep checking back for updates!” or “Will have/do XYZ soon!” By having just one website to house the things the multiple “sub-sites” couldn’t manage on their own and letting my blog pick up the rest, I create a much more streamlined system of content-sharing and updating. This way, everything that was scattered before is now under one roof, seamlessly merged and much easier to find.

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