[Updates Archived] 2008 – 2011

September 7, 2011~ Long time, no update. >< I’ve added a new post to Yuki-ONgaku and FINALLY FINISHED THE CODING FOR SHATTERED-REALITY!!!!! I’ll finally be able to get pages up there. Yaaaayyyy~ *so happy* I’m trying to consolidate all of my blogs and websites because…well, I have way too many. orz;;; I won’t make any promises for release dates or anything, as I still have many other things to do, but I AM working on migrating everything to this domain; fixing coding errors and consolidating sites in the process. I need everything to be streamlined and organized so it’s easier for me to work with. ;A;

February 10, 2011~ Happy New Year, everyone! I’ve edited and updated the store a lot, so please check it out. :3

August 22, 2010~ New blog, plus…some site updates are coming soon! I’m going to rework the store and add content to the gallery.

June 28, 2010~ Last week I started a “Daily Japanese Journal” that you can follow by subscribing on Xanga or to the RSS feed. New translations have also been added to the Yuki-ON blog. Also, I’m going to Japan!! Read my journal on Deviantart to find out more, and why don’t you follow me on Twitter?

April 26, 2010~ Today I made an entirely new layout for my layouts website, Shattered-Reality! It took the whole day and I’m still working on the navigation bar. D: But it’s almost done! It looks so much better now…

March 1, 2010~ A few weeks ago I added a link to my music blog in the Links section. Click here to see~ It has translations, lyrics, and YT Chorus info, and more.

February 15, 2010~ Revised my commissions page and added new info. Made the existing info easier to understand. XD; My commissions are now open!!

February 12, 2010~ Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, minna-san! ^-^ I’ll be setting up commissions soon. c:

January 1, 2010~ Happy New Year!! I’m going to start adding wallpapers to my gallery soon, so be sure to look for them. C: I’ll also be taking pictures at a MonaVie event in Florida next weekend, so I might post those up too. Pictures will be linked to their location on DeviantART to allow comments and favoriting if they are on dA. Let’s see…I recently joined a website called Manga-FIC and won their mascot contest, and I’m going to be a judge for a contest one of my friends is holding on dA. Sugoi, ne? ๐Ÿ˜€

December 22, 2009~ Christmas is almost here!! I haven’t been very active on here lately due to multiple projects and last minute pictures that needed to be done. I will soon be building up my gallery and opening commissions, and will eventually be selling prints and other merchandise in the store. Because of things that have been happening, this is going to be a very different Christmas for me. I look forward to the change and hope it will bring much vitality into our home and lives throught the rest of December and the entire new year. Merry Christmas, everyone!!

November 12, 2009 ~ The 10th was my birthday~ And yesterday (the 11th) I signed up with DreamHost, so today I’m starting to move my stuff over from Webs to its new location on my brand-new domain! ^w^ I’m very excited~~~~~ I think it’s a great birthday present. XD

September 24, 2009 ~ Yuki-Online has officially been converted to its brand-new layout, designed and coded entirely by yours truly! ♥ The content area is much larger to allow for better display, and the colors are muted and warm, meant to be easy on the eyes. I wanted it to give off a calmer impression than the previous layout and be simple at the same time. Hopefully this is a layout you can understand and navigate through easier. Speaking of navigation, I rearranged the order in which my navigation links were displayed, so more relevant ones can be found first. So…do you like it? ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope so, ‘cuz it’s not changing for a WHILE. XD

September 14, 2009 ~ Made some major changes to the store.

July 27, 2009 ~ I’m eliminating the YSA section of the site because it currently has no use. In addition, once Mahou no Ichigo’s new layout is finally introduced, I will begin working on a new one for this site as well. Commissions will open and then I’ll be back in business! w00t! >w<

July 11, 2009 ~ New graphics in Yuki’s Designs and I’m doing some major renovations on Mahou no Ichigo, most of which will not be seen until I get the new layout distributed to all the pages. I will also be making a subsite for my cards, as well as finishing up the work on Shattered Reality and making a new layout for Yuki-Online. After that I will probably open up commissions. I am very excited about all of these changes for Mahou no Ichigo (the whole site complex, actually, but Mahou no Ichigo especially) and hope that everyone will enjoy them as much as me! >w<

June 26, 2009 ~ I finally fixed the affiliate page and added an image you can use to link to me (found on the links page). There are also new graphics in the graphics section and I’m working on some extra subsites. Enjoy!

June 11, 2009 ~ I have finally succeeded in making my own layout! Visit the graphics page to see its new look, and be on the lookout for Shattered Reality, the layout division of Yuki-Online, which holds some of the other new layouts I’ve made! x3 I am very excited about everything this site is going through at the moment, especially because I am actually doing a lot of the new coding by myself! ^o^ While I still haven’t figured out the whole “form” thing entirely, I believe I am getting somewhere. xP

June 1, 2009 ~ I now have a few working forms…sorry about all that confusion…urg. I’m adding a new site for layouts, creative writing, and my personal blog, as well as a new look for the graphics section (which is not cooperating at the moment………. =w=). Anyway, I hope to have everything up and running pretty soon, which may or may not mean the end of the month? ARGH. This stuff is so frustrating. >.> But, like I said, hopefully it will all change its mind and WORK for me. GRR.

May 21, 2009 ~ A couple of days ago I tried to add some forms but they still aren’t functioning properly…gomen nasai! T^T Besides that I have added some new content (all icons/avatars) in the graphics section.

May 14, 2009 ~ Finished moving the indexes. Added an affiliation form and edited the store.

April 30, 2009 ~ I’ve been switching indexes as well as cleaning up pages. I also added a store, where you can commission me, and a gallery is on its way.

March 2, 2009 ~ Still revamping both sites. I hope everyone likes them. I am also in the process of developing my own layout but it might take a while as I am using tutorials and the like to help further my knowledge xD In addition, I am adding more content and deleting excess content. I made updates last month but did not record them here.

January 29, 2009 ~ In the process of revamping both Mahou no Ichigo and this site. At the beginning of this month, I also created a forum! Please visit Mahou no Ichigo Forums! =^w^=

December 10, 2008 ~ Updated the site layout. I’m also trying to develop a custom layout.