[Site Update] First Update of 2012!

It’s been a little over a year since I last did anything major to any of my websites, but I never forgot them! It’s just difficult to maintain so many while not knowing all that much about coding and how to fix certain persistent issues with said coding. *glares pointedly at Mahou no Ichigo*

Regardless, here I am today, making perhaps the largest change to this collective of sites yet: I’m moving them to WordPress! My reasons are detailed in this post.

Currently, all the changes are being made in a subdirectory of sorts known as “blog” (as you can see from the web address of this page), to which I will be moving files and webpage content. My goal here is to consolidate, because, as I have said many times before, too much is too much! There’s no sense in having four websites the way I do. One or two is plenty.

So Yuki-Online will absorb the other sites; though I’m undecided on Shattered-Reality because I really like the layout. (Although, since I won’t be doing coding, I won’t do layouts, unless I’m just doing the designing, and lyrics are easiest kept on my blog Yuki no Kotoba, there really isn’t any need for the website…) Yuki’s Designs hasn’t seen an update in two years, so I can just repost all of its content here in post format within a category. Mahou no Ichigo is something I had a huge vision for but since I am unable to produce the resources necessary to meet that vision (and can’t fix the broken coding no matter how much I try), I’m dissolving it entirely.

Hmm, so… Sorry for stuff being everywhere, but hey, it’s a renovation and a relocation. It’s messy stuff! 😛