DreamHost’s New WebFTP…

I felt ill the past few days, but today I am feeling better. So I decided to take a look at my website to see if I could fix coding and add new pages and what not. Well, as I noticed the last time I logged in, the new WebFTP looks nice, but has no option to create a new page from within the application itself. The only way to get files into it is to upload them–something I’m not used to doing at all. Furthermore, if you have subdomains, you must log in to your main directory or you won’t be able to access other directories through logging in to just the subdomain. The previous WebFTP let you do these things.  I don’t know how to use regular FTP, so this really makes it difficult to edit my website. ;A;

I was thinking maybe I could move to using WordPress, but I’m not entirely sure what has to happen for me to build a site with it, as I’ve never used PHP before. I would of course like to have a custom theme and pages that match, at least similarly, to what I have now. But I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know how to do that yet.


It really makes me appreciate the people who know how to work all of this stuff.

I still have some things hosted at Webs, but I don’t like their interface that much and I don’t want to host with them. It’s just… I want to consolidate and bring everything under one roof.

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