Brainstorming Vlogging, OCs, Japanese, Fanfiction, and more

Good afternoon, everyone!
Continuing from yesterday my contemplation on several things, I’m arranging my thoughts here today. I’m calling it ideaCloud–like iCloud, but for ideas. xP The ideas remain in the ideaCloud until I decide where to put them or what to do with them.

For the rest of this post, I’ll try to be organized and word things efficiently, but it still may be sort of random. XD Read on and comment, if you like. ^^

Vlogging: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or only at random
I have thought about vlogging several times in the past, but never really knew how or where to start. The first hurdle is the introduction video! How do you do that? Should I just jump in? XD;
Then, depending on how often it would be realistic for me to vlog, I would do it weekly, bi-weekly, etc. Completely random vlogs are good too.
Like I’ve said, the main point with this is covering my preparations before going to Japan, info on GenkiJACS, and of course vlogs done while I am in Japan. I think it would be a good way to document the experience while sharing it with others. :3 And maybe it might be of help to someone. I don’t know. XD
I want to upload some more speedpaints/drawing process videos too…

OCs: Series posts on my original characters
I have lots of OCs, but only pay attention to a select few. I want to draw even just those choice OCs more often than I do–and post those pictures instead of leaving them lying around my room in an unfinished state. -A-
Lately people have been wanting to see more of my characters in general, often a specific one, like Aka, Urami, and Enko. A series of posts about my characters would allow everyone to see them even more, and outside of deviantART.
My idea regarding this includes profiles of characters, excerpts from their stories, interactions with other characters, and of course pictures! Some posts would just be updates pertaining to the character, perhaps relating to the development of the character’s story, design, and/or profile (or personality). I previously had a project like this that was titled simply “OC Project”, and perhaps I could merely continue that, using the same title here. Or I could just head posts with “OC”.

Fanfiction: updates and summaries of my own fics, and maybe reviews of fics I have read
Updates of my own fanfiction, including character events, teasers, and spoilers, would be headed with the title of the story itself. (This would also apply to completely original stories, such as that of Enko, and also Nightmare Rising.)
Reviews of fanfiction would be titled “Fanfic Review”.

Tracking Progress
I want to track my progress somehow…with Japanese, but also with my artbook/fanbook. I’m thinking a web app that then emails you daily with a record of your progress and how far you have to go until the next mini goal. Like on WordPress, after you publish a post, it tells you “x posts to go until y posts!” and it’s your new mini-goal. It goes in increments of five, and congratulates you when you meet each mini-goal (or every five posts). WaniKani has meters that track where you are, what you’ve done, where you need to go, and what you need to do to get there. I want something like that that can be customized, where you can add in your own goals and steps to reach them.

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