What Bears Repeating

“You know, I just don’t want you to turn your back on the right thing in favor of doing something that only pretends to be the right thing.”

I said that via Twitter a few minutes ago. It is my feeling in regards to a series of texts that went back and forth between a friend and me within the past hour. I’ll probably get his response in the morning, as I’ve turned my phone off and have it charging (I need to go to bed now!). Hopefully his response will be a positive one. I am fairly certain I understand his motives and where he may be coming from; I just want to make certain that he knows to look to the right way instead of the false path.

Anyway! It’s been really hot lately, and it looks like the rest of the week is only going to be hotter! I thought we had a moderate climate here; what happened? XD

Oh! Oh! Today I got accepted as an Alpha user on WaniKani.com and I went through the first lesson already. I like it so far! It’s like iKnow! (previously Smart.fm) but…closer to home, if you know what I mean. WaniKani is made by the same team behind Tofugu.com and TextFugu.com! Check all three of these sites out if you’re interested in learning Japanese in a different (“wonky”) way!

I’m contemplating several things regarding blogging and vlogging…I’d write out all my thoughts about the topic now, but it’s nearly 11 PM and I really do need to get to sleep…

Basically, the ideas consist of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly vlogs, as the case may be (or however I decide to do it); series posts on my original characters, and fanfiction updates, among other things. For example, I want to vlog and post blog entries about my preparations for going to Japan, which I mentioned before. At this point I’m still thinking about all of this, so… How about a more in-depth post about it tomorrow?

1 Corinthians 3:16
Psalm 37:4
Good night. <3 Yuki

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