AIS Scholarship

When my mom came home today, she brought in the mail as usual…but today she grinned at me and handed me a large, confetti-decorated envelope. I stared at it in mild confusion. It said “Congratulations!!!” in the middle of it… Then I noticed that the top said “Art Instruction Schools” and I realized why the envelope was congratulating me.

I opened it up and, sure enough, inside was a letter congratulating me for being selected to receive an art scholarship to the schools. It also contained the actual certificate, as well as my original entry, which now had a 91 and “Wonderful work!” scrawled on it in red ink.

Remember my other post about this? I don’t know if I was expecting to be selected or what…maybe? A 91 is a B… I guess it was good enough. 🙂
Anyway, I might not like drawing everything they’ll want me to draw, but I’ll do my best and learn from the experiences anyway. Maybe this will help me get better at drawing backgrounds…like buildings… >.>

Here is their website again:

The scholarship is good for about a year. I’m not sure when I’ll actually get enrolled. Someone is supposed to contact me within thirty days to talk about it… I’ll try not to be afraid of the phone call. o_o;

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