Haircuts and General Busy-ness

My brother and I got haircuts today… I got a trim while he got a shorter cut. He protested and still doesn’t really like it, but honestly, he looks good!

(He’s still complaining. Lol.)

Now that his face isn’t hidden behind his bangs, I can actually see it! I really do have an adorable little brother~~~ (>v<)/

I had a terrible headache yesterday, and I had one all morning today, but thankfully it disappeared on the way to get our haircuts thanks to God causing me to sleep. That nap really helped a lot. A trace of the headache lingers, but I’m confident it will be completely gone by tomorrow, if not tonight. (^o^)

I’m starting what feels like a new section of TextFugu, even though it…really isn’t. XD As I wrote in my Japanese Language Learning Log (JLLL?), I went through TextFugu seasons 1, 2, and most of 3 using the knowledge I already had of Japanese. I did the worksheets and the reviews for hiragana and katakana, but not much else. I didn’t think I needed to review what I thought I already knew well.

I was mistaken. XD It’s important to go back over what you already know to make sure that you really do know it! Especially now, when the part I’m on now (season 4) is emphasizing recalling previously learned information, it is important for me to actually review those things and make sure that I can recall them with ease. After all, a proven method will work, but only if it is actually followed.

There are a lot of things I have been doing lately. At least, that’s what it feels like. It seems a lot of my recent days have been spent preparing for my learning of Japanese, printing my artbook, and juicing… I haven’t even drawn that much! oAo But time spent in preparation is very important because it saves time later, when the rubber meets the road. I’ve been making charts and printing out motivational things. I even made flashcards using’s Grammar Bank! (Those still have a bit to go as far as filling out all the info, but they’re organized.)

So even though I haven’t been doing exactly everything that I’ve wanted to do in a certain day, I believe I’m still making lots of progress.

Kinda hard to believe it’s nearly July, though. o.o Just a little more than a week and it will be Independence Day, and the anniversary of my baptism! (^o^)
Seems like the months have flown by… I’d better make good use of the time in front of me! (>o<)

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