China Journal ALMOST READY

He wanted a picture with me. XD

I finished the text posts yesterday! Today I’m uploading the videos to YouTube… I’m also going to embed some pictures into the text posts and add comments on all or most of the pictures, so for extra information, be sure to look at all the pictures and watch the videos! I’m opening annotations on the videos too, so feel free to comment on them~

It’s hard to believe it’s taken me this long to do all of this. ^^; All it takes is a little bit of effort–concentrated effort. I “should” have done it much sooner, but at least it’s getting done. At least it’s about to be finished.

The only remaining thing on my to-do list that is distracting me from focusing my efforts on my artbook is the K~Y cover CD. Once that is done in its entirety, all the tracks will be uploaded to Youtube with their respective OPVs (and images if there isn’t a OPV for the song), downloads made available on Mediafire and Box (and maybe 4shared…? Still thinking about that), and auditions will be opened the day following the release. As the “album” consists only of covers, it is entirely non-profit and will therefore be completely free for download.

Since the exact date of auditions opening depends on the release date of the cover album, I don’t know exactly when that’s going to be. XD We’ll see what happens, and I’ll definitely keep everyone posted!

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