…is the word I’ve been saying lately. ~v~

I haven’t posted in a little while! (>A<) It's because I wanted to include a picture, but…there still isn't a picture with this one, either. ^^; Perhaps I am trying too hard. Anyway, there are a lot of things happening around here! We're still waiting for our dining room floor to get redone, so our table is still in the living room and the side tables are in my bedroom… XD; Also, I'm now doing juicing for myself and taking some supplements because I went with my parents last Monday for their recheck with their naturepathic(sp?) doctor and I got checked too! I discovered that I can't process dairy very well, so it's good that I haven't been consuming any (dairy is bad for you anyway). I also learned that I need to stay away from soy and peanuts. I had been eating peanut butter almost every day. |D

My juice blend is simple: sixteen ounces of carrot juice and sixteen ounces of apple juice. I'm also supposed to do eight ounces of kale juice but it takes so much kale to get to eight ounces that I've only been doing two or three.

I've become a staff member for a website called Aitsu Sweetheart; my job is to write articles, reviews, and things like that, so look for some of those here soon! ^^ My website Mahou no Ichigo is affiliated with Aitsu Sweetheart as well.
As for MNI, I’m going to give it a new layout because I just can’t get the coding on the current one to cooperate with me. Everything works except the background refuses to align to the right no matter what I do. So I’m just going to re-haul it with version 5.0! If I can ever get the coding to work properly I’ll release version 4.0 and 4.5 as a free layout. (4.5 uses HTML5)

My artbook project has been coming along nicely and I’m very excited! It’s going to be great! (Not much of an update on that, but XD) I have been neglecting dA though…
Hn. I still need to consolidate everything somehow.

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