19 + 18 Days Til Christmas

Ah, I can’t presently upload my left-handed pictures as the Copic one isn’t quite done. I want to do it without cheating (by using my right hand) so it is taking a bit longer than normal to finish. I also didn’t post yesterday! D:

21. Gifts
20. Traditions
19. Music
Christmas music…the kind that can only be played in the time after Thanksgiving and before December 26th. It’s a bit sad that that’s the only time it is played. I mean, it can be played other times of the year, but I think we become so accustomed to hearing it around Christmastime that hearing it any other time seems so out of place to us.

I like some traditional carols and more of the modern Christmas music, and I also like instrumental Christmas music. I don’t really like songs like “Frosty the Snowman”…it’s weird to hear it on the radio since the place at which I was forced to learn it was elementary school. It’s a song that’s really meant to be sung by little kids. ^^; “Here Comes Santa Claus” is another one I don’t quite like. I used to like it, but now that my brother is pretending that Santa exists (when in fact he learned of the truth a year or two ago) it’s just a bit annoying. I also don’t like that Christmas shoes song just because it always makes me cry. XD;
BUT… I love traditional Christmas carols/hymns sung in the church and by Christian artists around this time of year. I like to sing along~

Recently my radio alarm clock has been waking me up with songs like “Jingle Bell Rock.”
Complain, I do not.

(Dec 7) 18. SNOW
I absolutely LOVE it when it snows! I love it even more when the snow sticks and there’s a nice fluffy layer of snow completely covering the entire outside. ovo I really begin feeling the Christmas spirit when it snows. x3 Of course, sometimes it doesn’t snow before Christmas…so music and general Christmas cheer gets me into the Christmas spirit. ^^

Tennessee gets snow, but it isn’t really known for having mountains of snow like places farther north. So it’s always exciting for me when we get a lot of snow…really, like I said before, any time snow completely blankets the ground, I really like that! It makes me happy haha~

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