I’ve been waffling over it for some time now, lurking about Namie’s and Lulu’s pages (and recently Yuki-nee’s), wanting to follow them but being unable to do so. I didn’t want to make another blog for myself as I already had more than necessary ^^; but today I went ahead and made a Tumblr.

There’s nothing there yet because I want to draw a picture for my first post and I do not have my tablet with me at the moment. (Going to the dentist today. Yayyyy~) BUT you can fire questions at me, follow me, stuff like that. ovo

Intentions for the Tumblr blog are…well, it will be the place where I’ll answer questions (though I will answer anywhere else; deviantART, here, wherever) and post sketches and things. The ask feature is really what I wanted to make use of, as I don’t really care for Formspring (I had one before and closed it–then again, it was for one of my characters and therefore not really mine). I like the ease of use, and although actually figuring out which settings are where was a bit difficult, changing the setting themselves is super simple.

This blog is still my main blog. I just like it. That’s why. xD

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  1. Just today I was contemplating making a Tumblr. If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to hear your thoughts on having one. I’m tempted, but, at the same time, I’m not sure I need another blog.

    1. Haha, yes…I have too many blogs. ^^; Well, it’s good to have to connect with people that only use Tumblr or who wouldn’t follow you otherwise. (For example, I was immediately followed on Tumblr by a friend I’ve only talked to on a forum and DeviantART.) It’s largely based on image posting, so if you post a lot of images, it’s good for that. I really like the ‘ask’ feature and the ease of editing, although it is a bit confusing at first. ^^; Both Tumblr and WordPress also have mobile features…I guess it’s really about connecting to people and what type of interface you’d rather use and what experience you’re looking to have.

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