20 Days Til Christmas

Working while healing ovo

And I used my tablet!!!!! /so happy ;v;
I’ve only worked on small things; I did the picture you see above, which shows how my fingers are “buddy taped” together, and a bunch of cupcake page numbers that will be in my artbook. That’s about it; I’ve had to take breaks to rest/stretch my finger and I ate lunch, so…

As for my Christmas topic thread of sorts that I started yesterday…
21. Gifts
Today is Traditions!

Umm…our traditions have changed quite a bit over the years, I think. We used to decorate a lot and have a big(ish) tree with lots of handmade and rather classic (in my opinion) ornaments. We’ve always had stockings and until recently we hung a wreath on the front door. We would always decorate the mantle of the fireplace and tape Christmas cards to the door frames. XD We always do outside lights~ And we used to set up one of those little villages, but we don’t do that anymore–well, maybe my ex-stepdad still puts it up; I don’t know. A lot of the traditions changed because of the divorce…it’s a lot simpler to decorate here. XD

Our tree the past two years has been a bit smaller and decorated with mostly store-bought ornaments (with some handmade ones) in silver, blue and purple. We have also been putting up a spiral tree…it’s basically just a plastic stand with a tube of lights arranged in a spiral with a star on top so it looks like a tree. But this year, we don’t have room for our main tree and no one really wants to bother with setting it up, so we just have the spiral tree up and our outside lights up.
We don’t tape our Christmas cards up…I think they go on the mantle or something. ^^; And our other decorations are minimal…like ornaments hung from our dining room chandelier (that we didn’t take down from last year). XD

Ah, and we open our presents on Christmas Day. Some people open one on Christmas Eve and then the rest on Christmas Day, but I don’t like doing that. I think that waiting to open them all at once makes it much more suspenseful. ovo

Well…looks like I made cupcakes. XD They’re not quite edible, but.. XD Now I’m going to go make rice because my mom said so. ^v^

P.S. I’ll upload my left-handed pictures in my next post!

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