21 Days Til Christmas

Already it’s December fourth! It seems like it’s not quite time for December yet…I think it’s because I spent a month in China this summer–it’s not usually how I spent my summer so I guess I feel a month or two behind. ^^;

I want to do some sort of series thing for the countdown to Christmas, but I’m not sure what to do. Left-hand sketches, anyone?

What are some traditions you do for Christmas? Foods you eat around this time? Favorite Christmas songs? Maybe I’ll talk about those sorts of things in a post every day…

Since it’s on my mind, what does everyone want for Christmas this year? It seems to get easier and easier to purchase for kids as they get older, because they stop getting so excited over plastic toys and are more interested in music, movies, and video games (or books XD)… Of course, it’s always easy and safe to get gift cards as gifts for people so they can buy what they want themselves.

This year I’d like an iPhone4S, some photobooks, and gift cards (iTunes!), and my brother wants a PSP and games for it. My parents haven’t really said what they want… ^^;

Hm. I feel like making cupcakes. ovo

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  1. Traditions:
    We don’t really have any traditions, come to think of it.
    When we were small, my parents use to make a huge thing about Christmas.
    But now, we don’t even bother with a tree. (Mostly due to living in small places.)
    My mom simply hangs decorations over pretty much anything, or stick them up on the ceiling.

    Generally, we eat a huge cooked meal for lunch on Christmas.
    Dinner is usually a lot of salads, cold meats, poached eggs, vienna sausages, meatballs, potato chips, and dips.

    We prefer not to sing songs.
    But someone will no doubt play a CD, or Christmas music on the pc.

    We don’t really go big on gifts.
    If we do give gifts, it is something small.
    As for receiving gifts, I prefer snacks.

    1. Ah, it’s similar for us this year…we’re not putting up the tree like we normally do because we don’t have room for it this year.
      Nice! Yeah, I think it’s fun to stick decorations in interesting places~

      Ooh, I love big family meals!

      I don’t usually put on Christmas music of my own volition…don’t really know why. ^^; But I like listening to it and sometimes singing along. :3

      That’s cool. :3
      Haha, nice! That reminds me of one year when all my friend wanted for her birthday was bags and bags of pretzels.XD
      And last year all I wanted for Christmas was penguin pajamas. XD

      Sore ja, thanks so much for commenting and Merry Christmas! <3

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