Two Miles and I Can See the Floor!

Well, I walked two miles today, cleaned the cleaning-mess on my floor to where the floor is now very visible, and it is raining in Texas.

Wait. It is raining in Texas? As in the place that hasn’t had rain since last year? YES. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! It finally, finally rained there!!!!!! I’ve been concerned about it, even more so since some of my friends live there, so it’s really nice to learn that it’s finally raining. And I’m sure that if you live in Texas, you’re a lot more excited than I am. I hear the road has turned into a river. 8D

So beautiful. ;u;

This evening was a pleasant one for walking; Nana and I walked at 6:30 for one mile (which is around the subdivision twice) and then Grandmother and Aunt Connie came at 7:15 and we walked. But Nana and I didn’t tell them that we’d already walked… 😛 We didn’t mind anyway~ It was nice, and of course it was good exercise!

I’ve had an abundance of energy today, and I’m not really sure why, but I’m thankful for it! I do think it might have something to do with all this room-cleaning that I’ve been doing for the past three days. Like, I’m clearing away all of the old, negative energy and making room for fresh and positive energy to circulate. It’s been really nice, I think, even though yesterday was a bit dull, going through all of those papers.

Speaking of paper, I’ve found so many blank pieces of paper stashed in things! It’s amazing! Two packs of college-ruled paper that are open, plus one that isn’t, as well as plenty more loose-leaf paper that was kept from getting dog-eared by being in binders or folders and such, and paper that was all bent up from not being in binders. I found printer paper and piles of notebook paper, old drawings, certificates, ribbons…so many things! But yes, my brother definitely won’t need to buy any paper from the store any time soon. o.o

I can say the same for the amount of writing instruments I have. Honestly, no one in this household should be in want of a pen or pencil for quite some time.

And yay for rain in Texas!! 8D

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