Original Songs and Poems…SO MANY oAo

I continued my room cleaning today by trying to clean out all of the notebooks filled with songs and poems as well as loose papers with songs and/or poems written on them. I had previously copied a lot of them onto the computer, but I needed to go through and check my hard copies so that I could be sure that I had digital copies as well before I threw away the hard copies (or recycled, actually…that’s a lot of paper).

I had a total of five notebooks filled with lyrical goodness (or lack thereof, depending on your point of view) and I didn’t count the loose-leaf paper because there’s more floating around somewhere in the depths of my room… Anyway, there are plenty more songs and poems that I’ve written solely on the computer. I’ve never counted, but I’m positive that I have hundreds of them in all.

So…I literally spent all day organizing this stuff… @A@ *faints*

There’s still a lot left to do in this category also, as many of the songs are in desperate need of revision and, as I said, some still need to be transferred to my PC. But I feel like I’ve accomplished a great deal today, and so I won’t call this endeavor time wasted. c: In fact, it’s a bit exciting because I actually came up with a good melody for one of the songs that I’d had trouble making a melody for all along, and I refreshed a few melodies too~

I’d love to get my songs out to the public, but…I don’t really know where to begin…

Anyway…I don’t think I’ll be working on song-related things tomorrow. ;A; Perhaps I’ll go through my art instead. c:

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