DIY Tanktop

Yesterday I (of course) continued cleaning/organizing my room (I’m working with the boxes under my bed now–thank goodness there’s only two, and they’re small). One box at the foot of my bed had some clothes in it that I was going to eventually try to repurpose by making them into something new–most of the clothes are regular T-shirts and a lot of them have logos. They’re things I either never wear or things that were given to me by Nana because she thought I could wear them.

Anyway, yesterday, I decided to actually try to make something because I figure that I never would if I didn’t at least start. I mean, this way, now I know what it takes to do similar projects.

I am making a tanktop out of two identical T-shirts I got from the orthodontist back in…I don’t know, fifth grade. I cut off the fronts of both shirts and discarded them because of the large logo, and I used one of my tanktops as a guideline to cut out the correct shape from the backs of both T-shirts. I sewed both pieces of fabric together, as well as one of the straps–I need to sew the other one and then I can edit whatever needs to be edited. XD

In a way, this is still a part of room-cleaning, because otherwise the two shirts would just be taking up space and serving no purpose! I couldn’t throw them away, because they’re good shirts, and yet I couldn’t donate them because they had paint and stuff on the fronts (I had used them as paint/yard shirts), so…yeah.
As for the actual volume of stuff on my floor caused by this whole operation, the majority of it is in some form of paper, whether it’s magazines or marker paper… The magazines I can put back where they belong, I know, but I’m using them at the moment and so I need them to stay out. Other things can get filed away in binders, I guess.

Today I need to make some small buttons for one of my websites and try to actually get my floor 95% cleaned. Then I can get back to focusing on finishing the China webpage on and my other projects. orz orz

Happy Saturday~ ♥

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