UGGGH it deleted half my post orz orz

Today I am cleaning my room because it needs to be done, and also because the drafting table won’t fit in here otherwise.

I’ve just been looking up Copic marker holders because I have 43 Copic markers that need to be stored somewhere besides a drawstring bag, and I know I’ll eventually get more. I haven’t really found anything that has a price on it…though I like the cube-styled storing things…

I think I’d like to organize based on category of items. For example, one drawer/area/something will contain electronics like my Gameboy Advance, my DSi, mp3 player, iPod, microphone, necessary cables, etc. Another will house manga and books; another DVDs, another art supplies…and so on. The problem is obtaining or reorganizing what is needed in order to organize in that manner. I have a chest of drawers full of clothes (honestly, I can’t fit another shirt into my shirt drawer) and a filing cabinet that is not mine, both of which cannot be used to store the items I need to store. I have a bookcase with a door and a few deep shelves, but it is packed with Shonen JUMP magazines! The only things left are the entertainment center that is next to my desk, which currently holds miscellaneous things (including my printer), and my desk itself, which only has two shelves and houses almost all of my manga, some drawings, my Japanese-English dictionary, and my graphics tablet.

I have quite a task before me, since the drafting table is as wide as the TV-holding part of the entertainment center (which, by the way, does not hold a TV, but my hair straightener and some bottles of sand from different beaches). I’m not quite sure where I’m going to put everything as I rearrange it all, but I’ll figure out something. orz

<.< *shoves it all under the bed*

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